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I started The Virtual World Podcast in mid 2020, mostly as a way to reflect on my experiences as a Software Engineer. I started by simply asking my old boss, Ben McMeen, if he wanted to sit down and chat with me. Somehow the podcast quickly evolved into something much bigger, and I have since interviewed a ton of high profile Software Engineers that have been hugely important for my person growth in recent years.

The podcast also had another goal: countering the "instagram code" fad. This is what me and a few colleagues have been calling the new wave of engineers on social media who have what we view as a wildly niche experience working with huge tech companies. They glamorize this experience on social media and use it for personal gain. While that isn't a huge deal in and of itself, I wanted to make sure that there was another side of the industry being represented. Something that could appeal more to the common person, the people who have families and maybe can't move to California/Silicon valley right after college.

The podcast has developed into something really special, and it has affored me a wonderful opportunity to grow as a person. It has been an honor to talk with influential speakers and engineers such as Richard Feldman, Tim McNamara, Steve Klabnik, Alex Crichton, James Munns, Eric Normand, and Stephen Diehl. I don't plan on stopping anytime soon!

Working on the podcast has taught me that I care deeply about individuals and helping them find their path. I want everyone to succeed and feel that they are making progress on whatever journey it is that moves them. I'm hoping to take this newfound passion and couple it with the work I do on a daily basis as Software Engineer. I'm not entirely sure what form this new ambition will take. Maybe you can help me figure that out!